Creamy Polenta Recipe

Easy and Quick Recipe

Looking to make an authentic Italian polenta at home? It is  simple, delicious and it is a versatile dish that you can serve near almost anything. 

Consider serving it with a few slices of parmesan cheese for extra creaminess.

Take a deep sauce pan, pour water in it. Set the high heat.

Immediately, pour over water the cornmeal. Mix gradually to avoid forming lumps.

Salt to your taste, and keep mixing until the water starts to boil.

Set the heat to low and add oil or butter.

If you will use butter, you will get even creamier result.

Cover with a lid and simmer for 30 min. on low heat.

Add Parmesan.

Also, you may consider adding blue cheese for a stronger taste.

Enjoy the polenta while it is still hot as is, or serve it near your favorite piece of meat.

Today, I enjoyed this creamy polenta with a plate Italian Ossobuco.

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