Chili Cheese Nuggets

Chili Cheese Nuggets

In Air Fryer

Perfect chili cheese nuggets made from scratch and cooked in the air fryer. Ideal to serve them as a snack or as an appetizer near your favorite dipping sauce. All you will need are a few boiled potatoes, cheese, breadcrumbs and a fresh egg to stick the breadcrumbs to the nuggets.


Grate the boiled potatoes and mix them with cheese, chili flakes, and an egg.

Form the nuggets. Take a spoon or a scale to make sure that all of them are of the same size.

Roll the nuggets in breadcrumbs.

Now soak the nuggets in a plate with a beaten egg.

Then coat again in breadcrumbs.

Repeat the steps with all the nuggets.

Put the nuggets in the air fryer basket and sprinkle them with a little bit of olive oil.

Cook the chili cheese nuggets for 15 min. at 400F.

Serve near your favourite dipping sauce. I served with a honey dill sauce.