Easy Tempura Broccoli

Easy Tempura Broccoli

Easy to make and super crispy tempura broccoli made at home.  Find the secrets of how to make the perfect tempura broccoli at home.



Cake Flour

Raw Egg

Frying Oil

Coat the broccoli florets in a thin layer of cake flour.

Mix an egg with sparkling water.

Gradually add the flour you have left over from the first step.

In a deep sauce pan, pour the frying oil, and heat it up to 350°F. After that, soak the broccoli florets into the beaten egg then put them in the hot oil.

You should get a nice crispy tempura broccoli.

Leave the broccoli aside on a sieve to drain all the oil excesses from them.

Serve near your favorite asian-style dipping sauce.

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Swipe up for the full recipe and more tips!

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