Grilled Dorado Fish Baked in the Oven

Grilled Dorado Fish Baked in the Oven

Looking to make a delicious grilled dorado in the oven? Today I will show you how I cook the royal dorado fish in the oven and how I served it near a fresh summer salad with cucumbers and grapes.

Needed Ingredients:

– 1 medium Sea Bream fish – ½ lemon – 1 small tomato – parsley – basil – thyme – salt pepper to taste

Clean and cut all the excesses from the royal dorado fish.

Let's get started!

Cut one lemon and one tomato into slices.

Then, wash well the aromatic herbs that you decided to use and season them with salt and pepper.

Put the aromatic herbs, tomato and lemon slices inside the fish.

Put the dorado fish on the baking tray and optionally, you can add a few more slices of tomatoes over the dorado. This will make the baked dorado even jucier.

Bake the fish at 190°C for 20-25 minutes.

At the end, you should have a delicious dorado fish baked in the oven.

Serve it near a fresh summer salad.

and a delicious sauce