Osso Buco Recipe in the Slow Cooker

Osso Buco Recipe in the Slow Cooker

Osso bucco is a classic Italian dish made with veal shanks that are slow-cooked to tender perfection. We will cook the osso bucco in a slow cooker, which allows the flavors to develop and meld together over a long period of time. The result is a rich and satisfying meal that is bursting with flavor. The tender veal is nestled in a flavorful tomato and vegetable sauce, and is served over a bed of creamy polenta or mashed potatoes.


- Veal shanks - Salt & Black - All-purpose flour - Olive oil - Carrots - Onions - Celery Stalks - Capers - Anchovies - Tomato sauce - Vegetable broth

Bring the meat to the room temperature.

Season the veal shanks with salt and pepper.

Cover evenly the meat in all purpose flour.

Brown the meat on both sides.

Fry the chopped onions with carrots and anchovy fillets until they will melt.

Pour tomato sauce over the meat and move it into the slow cooker.

Pour broth or water until you will cover entirely the meat.

Let it simmer on low heat for 3-4 hours.

In the end, you will notice that the meat will fall off from the bones.

Consider serving the Osso Bucco near some creamy Italian polenta.

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