Our BEST Cornmeal Substitutes

Our BEST Cornmeal Substitutes


Cornmeal have three functions: 1. To add texture to the dish. 2. To add a specific corn flavor. 3. To thick dishes.

Pay attention what of this option you need in your recipe.

On What to Pay Attention?

Corn Grits

Similar flavor and texture

Corn Grits are one of the best cornmeal alternatives.


Similar flavor, smaller texture

If the texture didn’t matter to you, this is a great alternative that will get you similar taste.

Corn Flakes

Similar flavor, different texture

You can crush the corn flakes and you will get a great cornmeal substitute.

Corn Chips

Similar flavor, different texture

As they are made form corn, just grind them in a food processor and you're done.

Masa Harina

Similar flavor, different texture

Another great alternative for cornmeal made from dried corn kernels.


Similar texture, different flavor

This alternative is great if you are looking to get a similar texture as from the cornmeal.

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Love Cornmeal?

Love Cornmeal?