Best Potato Starch Substitutes

Best Potato Starch Substitutes

Running out of potato starch or do you just look for other substitutes? I covered the best potato starch alternatives that you can use in your recipes!


The cornstarch is one of the most used alternatives because it is almost identical.

Use the same ammount.

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot Powder is well known in the vegan world. It is a neutral starch.

Use with acidic liquids

Wheat Flour

Keep in mind that wheat flour is not gluten-free.

Double the amount of wheat flour in comparison to potato starch

Sweet Rice Flour

Use 2 tablespoons of sweet rice flour for every cup of liquids

Best to use in dishes you plan to freeze.

Tapioca Starch

Great option if you want to add a little bit of sweet taste.

Don't use tapioca starch in combination with acidic liquids, they will not thicken.

Coconut Flour

Great alternatives to thick cake creams.

Reduce 15% the amount of coconut flour in comparison to the potato starch.

Almond flour

One of the most healthier substitutes for potato starch.

As it have a nutty aroma, it is best to use it in sweets.

Quinoa Flour

Another great gluten-free alternative for potato starch

Pay attention that it have a bitter flavor.

Oat Flour

Great potato starch replacement for baking.

Ground Flaxseeds

Great alternative if you are looking to thick the sauces.


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