Whole Orange Cake Recipe

Whole Orange Cake Recipe

A moist and flavorful cake using whole oranges and blended in batter giving the cake a beautiful color and citrus flavor. Best recipe if you want to surprise your guests.


In a bowl, mix the eggs with sugar until you will get a creamy composition.

Peel the orange zest from two large oranges above.

Blend one orange and add it into the previous mixture.

Add salt, baking powder, flour and incorporate well all the ingredients.

Add melted butter, olive oil and mix until you will get a uniform composition.

Take the cake pan, put the baking paper and grease the bottom and walls with butter.

Pour the composition that we just make in the cake pan.

Cake the orange cake at 350F for about 40-50 minutes.

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Swipe up for the full recipe and more tips!

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